LUMBER… not Landfills


Don’t just remove trees… REUSE trees

Our mission is to save and re-purpose high-quality urban timber. We’re doing our part to reduce the environmental destruction done during clear-cutting deforestation operations.
We produce higher quality and higher character local hardwood lumber without the import of undesirable and invasive species.
Discover the beauty of natural wood flooring, paneling, or furniture made from urban timber.

Making Cherry wood lumber with the sawmill

When trees need to be removed due to health of the tree, development, or safety issues, our majestic trees sadly and typically are ground into mulch. Many beautiful prairie-character, century-old, hardwood trees deserve a future going forward. As an alternative, Old School Timber Works Company provides on-site and off-site sawmilling services with a state-of-the-art Wood-Mizer hydraulic bandsaw sawmill (made in the USA). We will mill to your specifications providing a full line of services from logs to lumber including kiln drying.
We are working for furniture makers, home owners, architects, contractors, and cabinet makers who all understand the never-ending benefits of “Trees to Table“*, using high quality local hardwood lumber.
We stock limited quantities of lumber for sale. Contact us with your hardwood needs.
Trees to table – using high quality urban timber for furniture, not firewood.

Handcrafted Wood Creations

Every item we create is handcrafted from responsibly sourced local urban hardwood. We create tables, island and bar tops, charcuterie boards and the like. We specialize in showing off Mother Nature’s Magic, showcasing an organic look and feel from our high character urban lumber. Most of our metal table bases are made locally as well!
Our charcuterie boards and island toppers are finished with multiple coats of our homemade board butter made with beeswax from a local Lake Forest beekeeper. We use hand rubbed oil and wax finishes on our furniture. These European finishes provide excellent protection while leaving the wood looking natural. Each and every one of our creations is one of one, and one of a kind.

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